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The goal at is to provide the FIFA community with content, data, and entertainment that is worth coming back for.

We offer all of this as a free service to those that use the site. However, there are costs involved with running the site and continually adding new content and features that offer greater benefit to the community.

We have advertisements on because it is one of the easiest ways to cover some of those costs. It allows us to get paid by advertisers rather than asking you to pay for using our website.

This is why we ask that you please consider supporting us by simply turning off Ad Blockers for

In the future, we will be offering bonuses and promotions to those that have ad block turned off. It may be something as small as a badge or flair that you can display on your user page. Or it might be much more valuable (and controversial) benefits like better pack luck, exclusive tools, and other fun stuff.

If you have any questions or comments about this (or just want to send hate mail because you hate ads), please head over to our contact page and type up a storm.